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The perfect gift for mom, on Mother's Day, birthday, or any day.  The birthflower month necklace is also great for a friend, aunt, grandmother, or a gift for yourself.  We make these one by one, by hand with a punch and metal.  We prep by punching the hole, sanding, stamping, tumbling and more.  We make sure that your necklace is a beautiful piece.  We take great care in creating and making it for you.

The beautiful collection of flowers signifies each month with a beautiful flower.  This necklace is a minimalist style classic and ready to wear everyday. It comes with a substantial sterling silver 18" box chain and silver pendant.


#1 )  The main photo is of the sterling silver round 5/8" charm stamped with your choice of    month/flower.  (See list below).  The flower on our example is a Lily of the Valley which is the May birthmonth flower.  Also good for Mother's Day.  The sterling silver chain is a sturdy 18" box chain with lobster clasp.


1) One 18" Sterling silver substantial box chain as shown in the photos.
2) One sterling silver 5/8" circle pendant hand stamped with your choice of birthflower.
3) Your necklace comes nestled in a gift box, with bow, ready for gifting.


~A unique and beautiful necklace represents a beautiful hand stamped flower unique to the
birth month you order.

~The necklace comes nestled in a gift box, with bow, ready for gifting.

January - Carnation -Symbolizes admiration, love and distinction.  

February - Violet - Symbolizes modesty, faithfulness and virtue.

March - Daffodil  -  Symbolizes unparalleled love.

April - Daisy - Symbolizes purity, true love and innocence

May - Lily of the Valley - Symbolizes sweetness, humility, and motherhood.

June - Rose - Symbolizes devotion and love.

July - Water Lily - Symbolizes purity or rebirth.

August - Gladiolus - Symbolizes strength of character, remembrance and sincerity.

September - Morning Glory - Symbolizes unrequited love.

October - Marigold - Symbolizes fierce love, passion and creativity.

November - Chrysanthemum - Symbolizes loyalty and honesty,

December - Narcissus - Symbolizes good wishes, hope and wealth.


Add an additional birthflower charm or initial of your choice, here:

Birthflower Necklace

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